4_Props Privacy Policy



Update 10/2018
I try to make my links to other sites as secure HTTPS:// URLs but you may have noticed that my own site here does not support that. I run my site on old hardware and OS from my basement as a hobby and will not be setting up an SSL certificate. But this should not be a problem because of the nature of my site. If you are getting warnings from your browser that this site is not secure please just disregard it.
Thank you

Hey, that fancy GDPR law says I need to have a privacy policy. Hereís my attempt to fumble through that!

What data I collect about you:

I only collect basic ip address information and NO personal data. I use this information to monitor the number of visitors I get to the site. You can see this HERE . And an email is sent to my account that provides a general map to your location as I enjoy seeing where my visitors come from.

If you post a comment in the Discussion Area, the website records your email address, name, and comment (duh). Then your quip gets posted and we all have a good laugh. Thatís it. Your info isnít used for anything else.

If you email me, I get the email and no one else. I donít do anything else with your info. Iím too lazy.

This site uses Google Analytics to create confusing reports I donít understand. Itís unclear whether this is a GDPR issue or not, but there it is. Google also provides the translate function.

The web site runs on my personal server located in my basement. I'm the only one that has access to it. No cookies are used to track you and I don't link to any advertising other than on the daily news page.