350 QX You



Here are some of my favorite 350 QX You

None of them are of me flying. If you have a video to add please eMail me.

I'm not real interested in aerial photography (AP) but if you are you might enjoy this video how to. LINK

Tom Frank, moderator of the Mobius Support forum on RCgroups.com has these suggestions on taking and editing AP video.

Things we frequently see that if simply trimmed/edited out or eliminated by good camera mounting can make a video much more enjoyable to watch:

  • The dinking around before the flight getting the battery hooked up, checking controls, walking to the flight line etc. etc. The video should begin as the plane is starting it's takeoff.
  • Ditto for the dinking around at the end retrieving the plane, disconnecting power, etc.
  • Long climb outs at high power levels, showing nothing but sky
  • Redundant circles of the flying area showing the exact same thing as the first circuit
  • Rough air buffeting or wildly panning video that is hard viewing
  • Video shot through a rotating prop with a CMOS camera ("venetian blind" effect)
  • Video shot with a lot of camera vibration ("jello effect" with a CMOS camera )
  • MOTOR SOUND. If you don't mute it all together, at least reduce the volume to a very low background sound. Nothing more annoying than starting a video and have the cones blow out of my speakers when the motor throttles up.
  • Overly long video. Limit to 4 min. max., and 3 min. preferred.
I know many don't like to do ANY editing, but even simple free editors can do all these things, and it doesn't take long to do it once you use the editor a few times to get used to the feature controls. For more on editing tools go HERE and on the page down slightly to the Editing Issues section.


Note: All of these You
videos can be opened to full screen. Just click the small box at the bottom right corner of the video frame. To close press the escape [Esc] key.



These are not 350 QX but amazing quad videos.

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These are not necessarily 350 QX videos but excellent.

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These also are not 350 QX videos.

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350 QX Agility Mode, flips and rolls - Blade Helis


350 QX Synchronized Flying! - Blade Helis



Not a 350 QX but a GREAT quad video



350 QX The Trestle (Canada) - IEATSRT11


350 QX The Grizzly Kill (Canada)- IEATSRT11


350 QX FPV: Kickstart - David Baril
FPV is First Person Video, which is flying remotely by getting a video feed from the onboard camera.


350 QX FPV: Stranglehold - David Baril
It's my understanding that David sits in his recliner in his basement and watches (pilots) his flight on his big screen flat TV.


350 QX High Altitude - Ed Floyd
Note: The legal flight altitude is 400 feet.


350 QX The Coy Pond - IEATSRT11


350 QX Yachats (Seal Rock Oregon) - humabdos


350 QX Winter - IEATSRT11


350 QX Northern Alberta - IEATSRT11


350 QX3 AP Combo Drone - Modelflight



Local, Central New York State (CNY), Syracuse, New York, U.S.A. region. Focus on Oswego County, cities of Fulton and Oswego.

Oswego By Air - Demetri Andritsakis - DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus

Oswego Winter - Demetri Andritsakis

Long distance flight down Oswego River - Demetri Andritsakis



DJI Phantom - Niagara Falls



Fireworks - Jos Stiglingh


Fireworks - GoPro



Superman With a GoPro


1500' TV Tower - I would suggest watching at 1080 HD in full screen to get a small taste of the experience.



Raffaello D'Andrea: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters. A very interesting TED video on quads.


Another TED video, Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly ... and cooperate. Learn about the flight controls. More ... LINK



Lexus, Amazing in Motion - SWARM LINK and LINK


Audi A6, "The Drones".



Sylt Island (Germany) - Ralfs (Ralph in English)
LINK to the Q500 area on the Evolution page.