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Thursday 11/21/2019
Attention #Drone Pilots – Read This - Exciting Updates to the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability


Saturday 11/09/2019
First part of 50-mile Central NY drone corridor OK’d by FAA


Thursday 10/03/2019
Empire Drone LINK



Friday 8/16/2019
Testing Testing 1..2..3.. Recreational Drone Flyer Test Coming Soon! Can your business help? LINK


Thursday 8/15/2019
FAA Seeks Stakeholder Input on Drone Tests LINK


Monday 7/08/2019
I've decided to stop updating this page with daily posts. My visitor count has been very low and my interests have changed. If I get a few emails requesting I continue posting links I'll reconsider.

My new site is at MUFONNY.ddns.net


Sunday 6/16/2019
DJI Storm: a pro drone that comes with a production truck and crew LINK

Air Pix delivers a cheap selfie drone with full autonomous mode LINK

You Know You Want a Drone: Pick One Up for Under $550 LINK

Aerial assessment: The insurance adjuster is a drone LINK

First time flying a drone? Don't make these mistakes LINK

Drone propellers - how to fly, the science of flight LINK

How to Fix a Drone That Won't Take Off ? [Complete Guide] LINK

Choosing the Right Mapping Drone for Your Business Part I: Multi-Rotor vs. Fixed Wing Aircraft LINK

The 5 Most Pressing Problems With Drone Delivery LINK


Wednesday 6/12/2019
I'm not posting for a couple of days. Want to see if anyone notices. 4_Props


Tuesday 6/11/2019
Tijuana’s Drone 9-1-1 Squad LINK

Is DJI Teasing Racing Drones With Their New Product Teaser? LINK

Drone Repair and Maintenance Tips You Need to Know LINK

Multirotor Motor Guide LINK

DJI Mavic Air Folding Quadcopter gets $250 discount down to new low at $549 LINK

Giant delivery drones are coming, but at what cost? LINK You

Coconino National Forest incident latest reminder that drones, wildfires don't mix LINK

Flying drones over wildfires: Gov. Ducey says 'DON'T DO IT' LINK

Terra Drone Seeks to Become the Top Industrial Drone Solutions Provider in the World LINK

AOPA Offers New Resources for Drone Pilots: Education, Training, Presentations and a Guide to Part 107 Certification LINK

Russia’s new drone-grounding device LINK


Monday 6/10/2019
Does your drone need GPS? LINK

These tortoise-killing ravens are so smart, scientists must use drones to stop them LINK

Orange Township to test drones as extra eyes in the sky during emergencies LINK

Amazon Set to Begin Drone Package Delivery LINK

Private drone flying near Coldwater Fire halts fire aviation operations LINK

Drones and dogs being used to help find missing people LINK

ParaZero Launches ASTM Compliant SafeAir Mavic LINK

So you want to shoot cool drone footage in Vancouver… here’s what you need to know LINK


Sunday 6/09/2019
LOCAL: Sheriff’s Office joins drone ID test program in Rome LINK

Quadcopter Propeller Basics for Drone Pilots LINK

Top 5 Drones that You Can Buy Without Emptying Your Pockets [Coupons] LINK

MuDD Architects Used Drones to Build a House LINK

Tiburon considers ban on drones over schools LINK

Drone trial of 8,000 summer flights over popular beaches reveals trove of data on shark hotspots LINK

Drone travels 36 km in Uttarakhand to deliver blood samples in remote village LINK


Saturday 6/08/2019
FIMI X8 SE 5KM FPV With 3-axis Gimbal 4K Camera GPS 33mins Flight Time RC Drone Quadcopter RTF LINK GWTR code: BGFIMIX8SE10

How GPS Drone Navigation Works LINK

Drone Vs. UAV - What Is The Difference? LINK

The Different Types of Drones Explained LINK

FAA UAS drone rules explained, part 1 – how to fly, the science of flight LINK

Take to the skies with DJI’s best drone deals, including $120 off Mavic Air LINK

InstantEye launches extended-range Mk-3 microdrone LINK

FAA looks to fund capabilities that will help with drone integration LINK

PwC Research: Public Perception a Barrier to Drone Adoption LINK

How drones are playing a vital role in disaster scenarios LINK

‘Would be catastrophic’: Fighting wildfires, pilots fear close encounters with drones LINK

Heliguy Holds First Drones For Enterprise Event LINK

Drone video: Living near nature LINK

Drone-equipped hospitals could be resilient to disasters LINK


Friday 6/07/2019
Amazon Prime drones may start delivering in a matter of months, but not around HQ2 LINK

CTA Finds Positive Consumer Attitudes Toward Drones LINK

Atlanta Teens Can Learn To Fly Drones At This Summer Camp LINK

Spanish Architects Put Concrete-Spraying Drone to Work in Construction LINK

Mosquito control district considers using drones LINK

Illegally flying a drone can land you in jail LINK


Thursday 6/06/2019
How A Quadcopter Works With Propellers And Motors Explained LINK

Advice from FAA Drone Waiver Approvers LINK

To Fly Solo, Racing Drones Have a Need for AI Speed Training LINK

Amazon’s new Prime Air delivery drone will start dropping off packages ‘within months’ LINK

New drone? This is how you fly legally LINK

Red Cat Announces Letter of Intent to Acquire Rotor Riot LINK

Aethon Aerial Solutions acquires RME Geomatics LINK

Amazon's new futuristic drone will soon deliver packages LINK

Automated Charging Systems for DJI Drones Make Totally Automated Drone Applications Possible LINK

Are Drones Over German Cities Science Fiction or Future Market? INTERGEO’s Berlin Roundtable LINK

FAA Issues Waiver for Drones With Parachutes to Fly Over People – and Indicates a Way Forward for New Drone Technologies LINK

Drone photography is changing the way Howard County homes are sold LINK

Drones Force Airports, Agencies to Draw Up Take-Down Strategies LINK

Percepto to present AI-powered drones case study at Energy Drone & Robotics Summit? LINK

A Drone You Can Program – Introducing PlutoX LINK


Wednesday 6/05/2019
A Tiny Drone Carrying a Deconstructed GoPro Captured This Incredible Dinosaur Museum Fly-Through LINK

T3 Awards 2019: DJI takes home our top drone award for the epic Mavic Air LINK

Smart shark-spotting drones could soon flag struggling swimmers LINK

Learn to fly: Drone basics with cheap drones LINK

What is a QuadCopter Explained Thoroughly LINK

Signaling the End of the “Wild West” for Drones in the Airspace LINK

Airprox Reality Check: There is No Proof a Drone Has Ever Flown Too Near an Aircraft in the U.K. LINK

FAA Pledges $6 Million in Matching Funds for Drone Integration Testing Partnerships LINK

Widespread drone deliveries one step closer to reality as Air Canada partners with drone company LINK

Menlo Park fire says drone operations makes Bay Area waters safer LINK

Lodi Police Utilizing Their Eye In The Sky To Fight Crime LINK

Boeing HorizonX leads funding round for Robotic Skies drone servicing venture LINK

You can be fined up to $5,000 for flying a drone without a license LINK


Tuesday 6/04/2019
2019 Drone Drop: IBM is Giving Away 1,500 DJI Tello Drones to Help Developers Code Something Amazing LINK

Drone data is a digital forensics gold mine LINK

Labor need will drive drones, tech experts say LINK

A Look at the Future of Drone Delivery in North Texas LINK

Brave new world of drones, ag data LINK

Send in the drones! | 2019 California State Fair replaces traditional fireworks display with drone light show LINK

Drone Vs. Helicopter - What Is The Difference? LINK

These Amazing Drone Images Will Change Your Perspective Of Our Earth LINK


Monday 6/03/2019
T3 Awards 2019: the Ryze Tello flies away with our Award for the top Budget Drone LINK

Sorry, that's it today.


Sunday 6/02/2019
Most drone operators will need certification, starting this weekend LINK

Drone Day At The Minnesota Science Museum LINK

Footage reveals hydrogen-powered 120mph taxi ‘drone’ LINK

New drone rules in effect LINK

DJI Welcomes Mark Aitken To Its Washington Advocacy Team LINK


Saturday 6/01/2019
Get an HD camera drone that folds up to the size of a smartphone for $75 LINK

Remember the Aeromexico Boeing 737 that was hit by a drone? Yeah, it wasn’t. LINK

The DJI drone you’ve never heard of… The DJI Storm by DJI Studio [video] LINK

Drone captures dramatic tornado footage in Canton, TX [video] LINK

The 10 Best Drones for Beginners LINK

Highways In The Sky: State Transportation Drones Aim To Save Time, Money -- And Lives LINK

Making Autonomous Racing Drones Lean And Mean LINK

Monitoring whales with drones LINK

ACI emphasises importance of collaboration to reduce drone risks LINK

API Unveils Drone Usage Guide LINK

ADS-B is a drone repellent – A Strategy for Universal Equipage LINK


Friday 5/31/2019
Man Accused of Flying Drone At NFL Games Charged With A Year In Prison and A $100k Fine LINK

Changes to Part 107 Are Coming! LINK You

Part 2: The Impending Death of Nighttime Waivers LINK

World's smallest autonomous racing drone created by Dutch scientists LINK

DJI Summer Sale: discounts on Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic Air and more LINK

Drones are Changing the Way We Observe Tornadoes LINK

Fortnite' Challenge Guide: How To Shoot Loot Carriers In Different Matches LINK

Harbor Springs students earn drone safety certificates, operator licenses LINK

DRONE STRIKE Extinction Rebellion eco-warriors vow to shut down Heathrow Airport with drones for TEN DAYS this summer LINK

WF man catches drone creeping around his windows, patio late at night LINK

Missing Man Found In Boulder County After Drone Search LINK


Thursday 5/30/2019
Drones at Banggood LINK

Interest in drones flies high at 5th annual conference LINK

Drones are hurting rescue efforts in Tulsa as dangerous flooding continues LINK

Bill to give the state authority to enforce drone laws stumbles over a definition LINK

The FAA is No Longer Implementing Remote ID for Drones by July LINK

Green Monkeys Borrow Their Cousins’ Eagle Warning Call When Drones Are Near LINK

IBM is giving away 1,500 DJI drones to help with natural disasters LINK

Droning On and On: What’s Next for Online Delivery? LINK

Bakken likely to be tagged first in North Dakota's new radar system for beyond visual line of sight drones LINK

Zing Launches Public Beta for Free Drone Delivery iPhone App LINK

British Airways jet in near-miss with illegal drone flying over Heathrow LINK


Wednesday 5/29/2019
DJI Announces Manifold 2 Onboard Supercomputer LINK

Teledyne Optech CL-90 LINK

Elevating Safety: Protecting The Skies In The Drone Era LINK

'We're Not Being Paranoid': U.S. Warns Of Spy Dangers Of Chinese-Made Drones LINK

DJI’s all-new Osmo 4K Action Camera has two displays and shoots 4K60: $296.50 (Reg. $349) LINK

Drones as a First Responder: Tijuana Public Safety Department Launches Program LINK

Paladin Drones picks up $1.3M to give first responders a live feed of emergencies LINK

PULP Dronet: A 27-gram nano-UAV inspired by insects LINK

Minnesota Schools Consider Drone Racing League After First High School Tournament LINK

FCC commissioner visits Missoula drone company LINK

Watch: Galaxy of drones light up Guiyang night sky LINK

DJI Manifold 2 to turn Matrice 210 or 600 into an autonomous drone LINK

AI Technology Makes a Softer Landing for Drones LINK


Tuesday 5/28/2019
Do I Need a License to Fly a Drone? [Read Before You Fly] LINK

A Drone Pilot’s Guide to Surveying a Tower LINK

These Amazing Drone Images Will Change Your Perspective Of Our Earth LINK

Give your child the power of flight with Potensic's A30 mini quadcopter on sale for $26 LINK

CHEAP: Fly high with $350 off this DJI Spark drone LINK

Why Effective UAV Awareness Is Needed in Today’s Crowded Airspace LINK

More than 500 drones light up the night sky in southern China LINK

DJI to Add AirSense Aircraft Detection Technology to All Their Drones LINK

Polish visitor, 3 others quizzed over illegal drone flights in Tokyo LINK

African green monkeys howling at drones teach us about the evolution of language LINK

DroneSense Platform Deployed by Multiple Agencies to Secure Indy 500 Weekend LINK

DHL Now Delivers Mail in China Via Drones LINK


Drones For Deliveries From Medicine To Post, Packages And Pizza LINK

Spark Battery Drop Out Captured On Video LINK

US States Use Drones to Predict Rockslides, Watch Wildlife LINK

European Commission adopts new rules on operating drones LINK


Hack your Mavic 2 Pro to Acquire Attitude Mode LINK

DJI’s presentation – Elevating Safety: Protecting the skies in the drone era LINK

Celebrate Memphis: Mid-South's largest fireworks display, drone light show LINK

Drones Monitor Whale Health In Australia LINK

Drone racing buzz growing in Rockwall County LINK

If you want a drone make sure to follow the rules LINK

Drone search Saturday unable to locate missing Island fisherman LINK

Radio 1 Big Weekend: Drones spotted above festival site as police release warning to steer clear LINK


Vogi VTOL drone uses swingin' props to keep things simple and efficient LINK

The Latest in Agricultural Mechanization: Unmanned Drones LINK

FAA Announces Expansion of the LAANC Program – More Access to Airspace for Drones LINK

'Neural Lander' uses AI to land drones smoothly LINK

DJI Consumer Drones To Come With Plane And Helicopter Detection To Reduce Collision Risk LINK

Investors’ Appetite for Drone Technology Still Strong LINK

NASA’s first-of-kind tests look to manage drone in cities LINK

Vancouver police adding drones to crime prevention arsenal LINK

Laser drones protect Scottish forests LINK

Drones Prove an Agile, Affordable Mechanism to Inspect Aging Civil Infrastructure LINK

EU Adopts Drone Rules, Including Operator Registration Requirement LINK

DJI, Huawei, Spying and How They Bamboozled the FAA and American Public LINK

A Drone You Can Program – Introducing PlutoX LINK

DJI – Director of U.S. Regulatory Affairs LINK

Killer Deal: DJI Mavic 2 Pro $120 Off Now LINK

The Surprising Key That Will Enable Drones To Change The World LINK


Top 5 Micro Quadcopter with Camera LINK

It's About To Get Much More Difficult To Fly DJI Drones Into Planes LINK

NASA's first-of-kind tests look to manage drones in cities LINK

DJI’s Quest for Real Drone Incident Data: Why Every Pilot Should Care LINK

Percepto Raises $15m to Accelerate Adoption of Autonomous Drone-in-a-Box Solution LINK

UP park banning drones LINK

Drones Take Flight for Utilities in Asia Pacific LINK

Skyports, AZ Turnhout and City of Turnhout announce medical drone delivery agreement in Belgium LINK

Register Now For The Fai/dias International Drone & Digital Aviation Conference LINK

Drones transforming medical services delivery LINK

Uber Files Paperwork To Begin Food Delivery By Drone In San Diego LINK

Cricket World Cup calls in experts to fight drone threat LINK

Watch this crazy device transform from an egg into a 4K camera drone LINK

NASA Planning Test Flights For Drone-Powered Cities LINK

DJI Flysafe – AirSense: The Next Step in Airspace Safety LINK You

Building a Drone Services Business that Will Last: An Interview with Rachel Gilmore, Founder of Florida ProFly Drone Services LINK

New rules for flying drones set to take effect in Canada June 1 LINK

Got A Drone? Here’s How It Could Land You In Jail. LINK


Percepto raises $15 million for facility-monitoring autonomous drones LINK

Successful test City-ATM (Unmanned Air Traffic Management) system in Germany LINK

DJI Flysafe – AirSense: The Next Step in Airspace Safety LINK

DJI to Add ADS-B Receivers to New Drones LINK

How to Integrate Drones into the Enterprise LINK

Kespry Announces ‘Bring Your Own Drone’ Program LINK

Drones to Inspect 1,250 Wind Turbines in 12 Weeks LINK

Film and TV Productions Are Using Drones for Scouting Locations, Lighting and More LINK

Apple Valley High School hosts first drone racing tourney LINK

Drones By Us DBUS2 drone review LINK

NASA’s ambitious drone air traffic control trial faces its toughest challenges LINK

NC-DOT Reminds Drone Pilots to Fly Safe and Legal this Summer LINK


Sniffer drones will start patrolling the world’s busiest shipping ports LINK

AlphaPilot – Lockheed Martin AI Drone Racing Innovation Challenge LINK

6 Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting a Drone Business LINK

Dr. Greg Crutsinger is the Winner of the 2019 sUAS News Industry Leader Award LINK

Redkite Airborne Sensor Comes to SOFIC on Heels of Successful Demonstration LINK

The Best Drone Business Ideas LINK

The Nuts and Bolts of Starting a Commercial Drone Business LINK

Israeli University Develops Quadcopter That Also Drives LINK

The Trends of Technologies Changing the Industry LINK

HELIGUY At GEO Business 2019 – Live Updates LINK

Amazon is a big step closer to bringing its high-speed drone delivery plans to life LINK

Majority of states’ departments of transportation have drone pilots LINK

Georgia's Senate Bill 6 Addresses Drones LINK


Drones for all of your Drone Needs LINK

Survey: State DOTs Increasingly Embracing Drones LINK

States turn to drones to predict avalanches, spot wildlife LINK

US Warns About Alleged Spying Threat from Chinese-Made Drones LINK

How Will Extended Flight Time for Drones be Powered? LINK

Bantek Signs Distributor Agreement with Drones by US LINK

Fairfax County Board Set to Consider Drone Program Approval Tomorrow LINK

Drone Racing Headed To Atlantic City! LINK

FLIR Discusses Its Fast-Growing Drone Operations LINK


DHS warns of 'strong concerns' that Chinese-made drones are stealing data LINK

This novel robotic drone can fly, drive LINK

APNewsBreak: Sharp increase in US states' use of drones LINK

Castle Hill Drone Race helps raise money for Computers 4 Kids LINK

DHL launches its first regular urban drone delivery service LINK

Coming to Greater Boston: organ-carrying drones LINK

Drone spots encroachment in Cachar forests LINK


How to Buy a Drone of Your Own LINK

DJI releases SDK for Smart Controller. Expect a Litchi update soon! LINK

How Drones Are Taking Over Everything: The Deets LINK You

British Airways flight comes within 20ft of drone collision near Heathrow LINK

College to offer drone class in West Point LINK

Mountwest spotlights drone technology at annual expo LINK

Firefighting research site gets drone facility LINK

Game of drones is Minnesota high school tourney first LINK


These Amazing Drone Images Will Change Your Perspective Of Our Earth LINK

The FAA's New Rules for Recreational Drones LINK

FAA no longer allows hobby drone pilots to fly in controlled airspace LINK

Wallpaper quadcopter, drone, flight LINK

Tested: 5 of the best drones for filming your yacht LINK

Unidentified drone causes US Embassy in Baghdad to go into security lockdown LINK

DHL launches its first regular fully-automated and intelligent urban drone delivery service LINK LINK

What is the best drone for a real estate agent? Find out how to get started. LINK

B.C. fuel-cell drone business gaining altitude LINK


Soar and save with the Potensic D85 Quadcopter drone at over $80 off LINK

FAA releases recreational-drone rules to combat aerial interference LINK

Irish company wants to use drones to deliver takeaway meals LINK

Johnny FPV x Beautiful Destinations - Turkey LINK

Watch an autonomous drone dodge thrown objects LINK

BetaFPV Beta85X HD – Cinewhoops are finally here LINK

TORUS: Atmospheric Scientists Using Drones To Understand Tornadoes LINK

Rescue Drones Need to Learn How Lost Humans Think LINK

Agricultural researchers can quickly measure plant growth, health with inexpensive drones, laptops and a software app LINK

As drone deliveries take off, urban areas like Vancouver remain a challenge LINK

Here's why your internet may be delivered by a drone someday soon LINK

DRI busts drone smuggling network LINK

How Drones Played a Key Role in N.C. Response to Hurricane Florence LINK


LOCAL: New York’s 50-Mile BVLOS Corridor LINK

AGL vs MSL – What Does It All Mean? LINK

North American Drone Masters to be held at Erie County Fair LINK

Drone pilot charged with violating secure airspace over two NFL games LINK

Meet Lilium’s Five Seater All-Electric Flying Taxi LINK

Cape: Aerial Telepresence Changes the Definitions of Pilot and Commander for Drones LINK

Utilizing Drones for Large Survey Mapping Data Projects in Europe LINK

2019 Fai International Drones Conference And Expo To Be Comprised Of Both A Professional And A Public Event LINK

2-km up in the sky no place to fly drones: Abbotsford police LINK

Drone racing world champion returns to alma mater LINK

TAKE 5 TO CARE: Carnival in the Clouds Drone Festival LINK

Cloverdale Man Says Neighbors Used Drone To Violate His Privacy LINK


FAA May Be Off Target With Forecast For Threefold Growth In Commercial Drones LINK

K-State Hosting Midwest Big Data Hub with Focus on UAS for Digital Agriculture LINK

Fremont could soon test drones for security, delivery services LINK

Is Flight Over People the Tipping Point for the Commercial Drone Industry? Maybe. LINK

8 Beginner Drone Filmmaker Mistakes To Avoid! LINK You

Preparing for a future of drone-filled skies LINK

DJI raises price of Smart Controller to $749 LINK


Europe’s Drone Industry Set to Receive Harmonized Rulebook LINK LINK

ZLRC Beast: A foldable GPS drone with a 4K camera for $149 LINK

Boeing’s Experimental Cargo Drone Can Carry 500 Pounds, Enters Next Phase of Testing LINK

Drones and Districts: A drone named DRU LINK

Valley governments work to include drones in public safety, marketing tasks LINK

‘They can be perceived as a threat,’ so drone users asked to give these birds space LINK

Hunting for rare plants in inaccessible spots: Q&A with drone pilot Ben Nyberg LINK

DJI Spark 2 rumors – drone to be released this summer LINK

Terra Drone opens Angola branch due to high demand from oil and gas industry LINK


Tiny drone uses A.I. to learn from nature’s best pilot, the hummingbird LINK

Zing Integrates AirMap To Improve Drone Delivery Platform LINK

Swiss Post Suspends Medical Delivery Drones For The Second Time LINK

Foreign tourist warned for flying drone over Shibuya scramble crossing LINK


Wrightsville Beach ‘civilian Drone Academy’ Explains The Law Of The Air LINK

13-Year-Old 'CyberNinja' Hacks Drone to Show Cyber Threat LINK

Police Scotland deal with over 700 drone alerts in last year but only a fraction reported as crimes LINK


Counter-drone company likely violated federal law during Ultra Music Festival LINK

DELTA Podcast Featuring Inertial Sense: Miniature GPS components for Motion Tracking on Drones LINK

Coming soon? Attack of the delivery drones LINK

Mesa County Search and Rescue creates new drone team thanks to community support LINK

Jerome drone ban not enforced LINK


LOCAL: More than 500 public safety officials trained on drone operations in NY state LINK

Night Skiing Lit by Flares on Drones LINK

Advancement in driverless aircraft could direct the future of drones, flight LINK

Comparison: Parrot ANAFI Thermal Vs DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual LINK

Students in New Mexico map dinosaur tracks with drones LINK

Drone Tools Workshop: Vegetation Mapping in the Urban-Wildland Interface LINK

Drones to aid Eastside firefighters with water rescues, fires LINK

Swiss Post drone crashes in Zurich - again LINK

FlytBase and AirMap Agree to Collaborate on Accelerating UTM Support for Drone Automation LINK

Drone Sighting Shuts Down Another Airport: This Time it’s Frankfurt LINK


Review | Yuneec Typhoon H Pro: Intel RealSense Improves the Best Consumer Drone LINK

DJI Launch Event - 15th May @ 9am EST - Unleash Your Other Side LINK

Drones Find Unexpected Radiation 'Hotspots' in Forest Near Chernobyl LINK

FCC Drone/unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy LINK

New report, new activity shows growth of drone, precision ag LINK

Commercial Drone Use Continues to Grow, But So Too Does the Regulatory Framework LINK

Air traffic at Frankfurt airport resumes after drone sighting prompted stoppage LINK

Updates and Insights from AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019 LINK


First-of-its-kind drone program in North Carolina is helping diagnose patients faster LINK

DJI Rumors: DJI Smart Controller crucial to success of the Mavic 2 – Part 4 LINK

The FAA’s Aerospace Forecast is Out: and There are a Few Surprises in the Drone Data LINK

Drones will bring sky-high efficiency LINK

Advanced Drone Technology Spreads Its Wings in Ohio LINK

Stunning drone light show celebrates Thai King's coronation LINK

Learn How to Streamline Your Methane Gas Detection with a Drone LINK

The Notre Dame disaster shows that firefighting drones are the future of fire safety LINK

Drone racing: one of northern Nevada's newest sporting communities LINK


The DJI Mavic Air drone Dad wants is on sale for $695 LINK

The best drones for fun and flying a camera LINK

The 6 Key Elements of a Good Drone Law LINK

Hollywood drone pilots reveal the cameras used on feature films at AUVSI 2019 LINK

Have You Heard the Buzz About Delivery Drones’ Noise? LINK

f Drones Had 'Claws,' They Might Be Able To Fly For Longer LINK

DroneBullet is like a guided anti-aircraft missile for suspect quadcopters LINK LINK

Commercial drones are way more popular than the FAA expected LINK

Two Energy Industry Titans Join AviSight’s Board: Drones for Oil, Gas and Power are Moving Mainstream LINK

New Thai king honoured with drone light show LINK

A Drone Dropped Flyers With Swastikas On Them Outside An Ariana Grande Concert LINK

A Guide to Drone Filming LINK


Students using drone to map dinosaur tracks in New Mexico LINK

How we created a comprehensive drone curriculum LINK

UAFS hosts drone competition LINK

Sri Lanka bans drones indefinitely after Easter Sunday bombings LINK


The FAA says the commercial drone market could triple in size by 2023 LINK

El Paso hosts International Drone Day event LINK

North Carolina DOT wins award for use of drone during Hurricane Florence LINK

Is the sky the limit for drone technology in agriculture? LINK

Video game Attempt could help Modulate drone Visitors LINK

Top 7 Best Drones Under 500 in 2019 LINK

Top 9 Best Drone Accessories in 2019 LINK


Buy KF607 Wifi FPV Altitude Hold Drone with 1080P Camera and 4K Camera at Lowered Prices from Gearbest LINK

Math Paves The Way For Fleets Of Connected Drones LINK

How Drone Use Becomes More Challenging When Deploying Fleets LINK

The Bell Nexus Drone Taxi Prototype: A Manned, Unmanned Sort of Thing LINK

CU students test drones for storm chasing project LINK

Drones Being Used In Search And Rescue Trial LINK

Drones Have Flown Too Close To Youth Jail, Officials Say LINK

Drone piloting in high demand LINK

North Dakota to approve $33M investment in drone industry LINK

The XM2 drone used to film Star Wars Episode 9 LINK


Storm chaser captures tornado with his drone in Oklahoma LINK

Tokyo police investigating drone flights near imperial residences a day after emperor's accession LINK

Drone footage shows temporary roof over Notre Dame LINK

FAA Acting Deputy Administrator Carl Burleson: “Our Job is to Find a Way Forward.” LINK

UAS Industry Stakeholders Provide Feedback on FAA’s Proposed Rules LINK

Drone maker Arcturus UAV moves to Petaluma; WeWork Marin expands; Meridian Commercial Real Estate grows LINK

Obstacles to overcome before operating fleets of drones becomes reality LINK

Oregon used drones the most in 2018 on federal wildfires LINK

N.C. Recognized for Drone Use in Disaster Response LINK

Man gets stuck 60 feet high in tree trying to get drone LINK


Pick up the beginner-friendly Spectre Drone for $69 — 53% off LINK

New task force to take on rogue drone pilots flying near airports LINK

Elios 2 - Intuitive indoor inspection drone for confined spaces You

Hydrogen fuel cells could star in long-endurance UAVs LINK

Lockheed Martin adds tether to Indago 3 quadcopter UAV LINK

Lily Drone Consumers Victims Again After Mota Group Failure And ‘drones By Us’ Rebrand LINK

Despite Promise, Drone-Delivery Industry Takes Flight Slowly LINK

Team using drones with machine learning to automate methane leak detection LINK

Researcher Briefs Congressional Delegation on Drone Progress LINK

UN-L set to lead multimillion dollar drone-based tornado research LINK


How many propellers does your drone need? – how to fly, the science of flight LINK

Dark, Dirty and Dangerous: Flyability’s Collision-Tolerant Drone Has Upped the Game for Commercial Applications LINK

Engineer Jailed for Leaking Drone Giant DJI’s Code Online LINK

DJI announces new Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Center LINK

The Connection Between AI and Drone Insurance – Why the Big Players in Insurance are Believers [Deep Dive] LINK

Drones that save power by hanging like bats and perching like birds LINK

Percepto Flies Autonomous Drones Over 5G Trial Network in Korea LINK

Drone owners to be charged annual fee under new proposals LINK

FlytBase Shows Remote Drone Operations Software with BVLOS capability at AUVSI LINK

Drone danger at airports? Not if this task force can help it LINK



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