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I fly the Blade 350 QX2 Quadcopter with a Spektrum DX6g2 transmitter.


I'm selling ALL of my Quad gear. The 350 QX2, DX6g2, Flytrex, and everything on the gear list. Email me if interested. (Syracuse, NY area prefered)

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The main Blade 350 QX site: LINK    Promo Video

Learn the different flight modes: Video

How to videos from Blade: Videos

Bulletins & Manuals: LINK

Best forum to follow: LINK

My review of the Blade 350 QX: T&R

Another overview of the Blade 350 QX: LINK
This one should be required reading.

My procedure on how to replace the Blade 350 QX body shell: Next Page
And details of my latest crash / flyaway.

Here is a good intro to understanding the RC Quadrocopter: LINK

Spektrum DX6: LINK

My review of the Spektrum DX6: T&R

Team Tech Tour of the DX6: Video

Remember that the DX6-G2 runs the AirWare OS same as the DX9 & DX18. So this video can be used to setup your QX on the DX6 too. LINK

Best forum to follow: LINK

Another overview of the Spektrum DX6: LINK

Understanding the DX6 Telemetry Log. Next Page

A.M.A. & F.A.A.:


I'm regerested are you?

    FAA Acknowledgement of Safety Guidance
  • I will fly below 400 feet
  • I will fly within visual line of sight
  • I will be aware of FAA airspace requirements: LINK
  • I will not fly directly over people
  • I will not fly over stadiums and sports events
  • I will not fly near emergency response efforts such as fires
  • I will not fly near aircraft, especially near airports
  • I will not fly under the influence


A.M.A. and the FAA Registration Process LINK

Press Release  FAA Announces Small UAS Registration Rule LINK

FAA will require consumer drone registration starting next week LINK

FAA announces drone registration rules as report highlights soaring dangers LINK

FAA RC Registration - FAQ LINK

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Registration LINK starts 12/21/2015.

XJET an Aussie thinks we (in the USA) need to have mandatory gun registration before drone registration. I do too.

USA treats drone owners like sex offenders (rant)



I'm a current member of the A.M.A., you should be too.
    LINK   Safety Rules


The A.M.A. has this new website DiscoverFlight.org that's pertty nice. Just click the image to visit.


Know Before You Fly is an education campaign founded by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), and the Small UAV Coalition in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to educate prospective users about the safe and responsible operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Learn more about it LINK

Please support the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) in their negotiations with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over the interpretation of the of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft. If you are unaware of what the problem is watch this on CNN .

How Do I Handle Lithium Batteries Safely? Story HERE

What is a lithium polymer battery?
The Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery is a rechargeable battery commonly used in the RC and UAV communities. LiPo batteries have many advantages over other rechargeable batteries (NiCad, NiMh, etc.). They are lightweight, can be made in almost any shape and size, they have large capacities, and higher discharge rates. But perhaps the biggest advantage of LiPo batteries is that they can be charged over a 100 times without losing any significant performance.



Please note these 4 motor helicopters are Quadcopters or Quads or even refered to as Multirotors please do not call them drones. Drones are what the military use to kill people. Hobby RC flyers fly Quads.


Warning: Please comply with all federal and local flight restrictions. Keep your model within your line of sight and under 400 feet at all times. Do not fly within 5 miles of an active airport




I fly with the Flytrex Core 2 "Black Box" device. I believe they now have a newer version. I haven't found what has changed. LINK Here LINK are a few of my flights or missions as they call them. Be sure to click on the map to see more details. I've now flown almost 60 miles logging my flights.

On this page you can see the Top Speed for 350 QX flights logged. You can also refine the search more to just the 1st Gen. QX, QX2, and QX3. LINK Hey, I'm in the middle of page #3 and I still haven't got her out of 2nd gear.



Note: Max altitude is from sea level up. Max ascent is from the ground start point (origin) up.


And here you can download into Google Earth the flight path of some of my outings. When Google Earth opens you can right click on the flight path and select "Show Elevation Profile".

  This thumbnail shows a sample of the Google Earth view. With Google Earth you have many options to tilt, turn, and rotate the perspective.
(click image to enlarge)

Reaching the height of 459 feet. DownLoad

A full 12+ minute flight covering about 2.5 miles. DownLoad

The data from the Flytrex can also be exported in .csv (Excel) format. DownLoad
This file is from the flight above as shown on the Flytrex site. Samplings are taken 5 times a second. Note that 12 satellites were locked in.

Flytrex released firmware V4 for the Core 2. Look for details on the Gear Flytrex "T&R" page in the "Tips" section.

New Flytrex Flight Logbook is now available! Official flight reporting for your multirotor fleet, locate specific flights, easy to use filters and flight reports export to PDF! Access the new Logbook via the Account Menu on top-right corner. Check out your personal Logbook today:

JohnCC of RCgroups reports that the Yuneec Q500 Flytrex Core cable works on the Chroma.




I thought that since GPS is a big topic for discussion with our 350 QX quads I would put a few useful links here that cover what GPS is and how it works. I've added it here as the Flytrex unit is very much GPS focused.

  • Garmin - What is GPS? (easy) LINK
  • Global Positioning System (Wikipedia) LINK
  • Official U.S. Government information about the Global Positioning System (GPS) LINK
  • Sky Plot (a cool satellite locator) LINK
  • Trimble GPS Tutorial LINK
  • And if you still want more. LINK

    Did you know that the Chroma uses both Global Positioning System (GPS) and GLObal NAvigation Satellite System (GLONASS) the Russian system. Read more about it here LINK This effectively doubles the available satellites, redundancy is a good thing.

    Check out the current Geomagnetic Storm (Solar) LINK to see if your GPS will be OK for flight control today. Or from the Google Play store K-Index Monitor or K-Index Lite LINK

  • A visual example of a 24 satellite GPS constellation in motion with the Earth rotating. Notice how the number of satellites in view from a given point on the Earth's surface, in this example at 45N, changes with time.




    Click the thumbnails for larger images. You can then click on the large picture to zoom in and scroll around even more. These pictures are individual frame grabs from Mobius video shot at 1080p.



    Here are a couple of my You
    flight videos.     Enjoy.


    Can’t make up my mind, football or soccer. Over or under the bar.


    This one I’m up maybe 150ft over Fulton. I know, I know I need to slow down the speed of my rotation/pan. Notice the sounds of my heavy lift carbon fiber props.


    These are some of my favorite 350 QX videos.    Next Page




    Local Hobby Shops (LHS) Syracuse, NY area.

    MexAir R/C Facebook MexAirRC.com  Forum
       327 Pople Ridge Road Mexico, NY
      10AM - 7PM, closed Mondays

    Indoor Flying with MexAir R/C Season 3 LINK

    Where I purchased my main gear from Josh and Marty.
    Alpha testing on the MexAir R/C exclusive X4MR250 racing quadcopter is complete. LINK    Video

    I was chatting with Josh from MexAir R/C and he showed me a quad running Adafruit and Neopixels lighting. LINK More here on You
    LINK A great way to resolve orientation and visibility issues.


    Walt's Hobby LINK    Is now a HobbyTown store.



    Area RC Flying clubs.

    Oswego Valley Modelaries (OVM) [Fulton] LINK    Facebook LINK
    HAWKS R/C Junior Aviators .PDF






    FLX FPV at OVM






    CNY and WNY FPV Racing LINK
    central new york first person view racing You

    On local TV news LINK




    20th Annual Model Aircraft Forum


    • Aero Radio Club of Syracuse
    • Syracuse Thunderbirds Aero Radio Society
    • Central New York Indoor Flying Society
    • Camillus Indoor Aviators




    Syracuse Thunderbirds Aero Radio Society, Inc. (S.T.A.R.S) LINK    Facebook
    9/4/2016 -- Phoenix, NY STAR AIRSHOW.

    • Open flying and Demos of all types of model airplanes and helicopters.
    • Airshow hours; 10am-4:30pm.
    • Free admission, $5 parking.
    • Free picnic dinner for all flyers and their families.
    • Public welcome.
    • Food and drink concessions available.
    • Must have AMA membership to register to fly.




    First Heli & Multi-rotor night of the season this evening (4/19/16)! Come on out! We'll help with setup and flight training. If you're wanting to get into the hobby but don't know what to get, come on down and we'll try to set you on the right path. Don't need to be a club member to fly, but you do need to be a member of AMA (https://www.modelaircraft.org/joinrenew.aspx)






    Onondaga Model Aircraft Club (OMAC) LINK   Facebook





    The Oneida Lake Flyers LINK   Facebook





    Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 107 (Marcellus)





    Camillus Indoor Aviators - CIA LINK

    The Town of Clay is having their annual Town Park festival. For the past few years they have asked the local RC clubs to put on RC displays and demos. I have done it along with Joe Chovan and a couple of other guys. Soccer field area is available for flying, and we display all types of RC stuff. I am not shure who is planning to attend, but we could use some help and planes. Nice time, there is music, games for the kids etc... Who's in? Festival is Saturday 6/20, 11am -5pm. I would like anyone bringing aircraft to meet there at about 10 to set up. Clay central park 4821 Wetzel Rd, Clay NY

    North - Country Radio Aeronautic Snow Hawks.




    Central New York (State) Indoor Flying Society LINK

    AMA District II Fly-IN August 15th and 16th. (click the image to enlarge)





    Canandaigua Sky Chiefs





    Finger Lakes Air Pirates Inc. radio control flying club is located in Seneca Falls, N.Y.





    Radio Control Club of Rochester







    Here is a list of the many add-ons, tools and other items that make up my RC gear. The "T&R" links are for Tips and Reviews.

  • Mobius Action camera LINK   Support Forum   T&R
  • Flytrex Core 2 LINK   Facebook   T&R  HOME
  • Xtreme carbon fiber props LINK   T&R
  • CNC Prop Caps for the Xtreme props LINK   T&R
  • Peg-legg neck strap for the DX6 LINK   LINK  T&R
  • 350 QX carring case LINK   T&R
  • iCharger 206B LINK   T&R
  • Paraboard (EC3) LINK   T&R
  • E-flite 3S 2200mAh 30C LiPo (2) LINK   T&R
  • Glacier 3S 2200mAh 30C LiPo LINK   T&R
  • Lectron Pro 3S 2700mAh 35C LiPo (5) LINK   T&R
  • LiPo Safe Bag LINK   T&R

    And lots of small stuff from Banggood.com (China)

  • Hex Driver LINK   T&R
  • Prop Balancer LINK   T&R
  • Digital Scale LINK   T&R
  • LiPo Monitor LINK   T&R
  • RC CellMeter-7 LINK  T&R    (Amazon/China) 
  • 3S to JST connector LINK   T&R

  • Proto-X Props LINK   T&R
  • Proto-X Prop Guard Glow In The Dark LINK   T&R

    from eBay and others ...

  • Camera Mount LINK   T&R
  • LED lights LINK   T&R
  • JST Connectors LINK   T&R
  • AB 3S Clips LINK   T&R
  • Car power extension LINK   T&R
  • Micro SD card LINK   T&R
  • Micro SD card LINK   T&R
  • Snap Ring Pliers LINK   T&R

  • I made my own DC power supply for my charger. This uses an HP server DPS-700GB A unit. 700W +12.6V 56.0A   T&R




    A word of caution: The DX6 can't mix two switches to get 5 flight modes from the menu. The only way to get it to work is by importing a file from a DX9. If you go into the flight mode setup menu (F-Mode Setup) or Spoken Flight Mode on your DX6 you will erase the modes from the secondary switch. In most of the examples below the "G" switch.

    The DX6 operating system known as AirWare just got updated. The new version 1.02 (1/28/2015) is available on the Spektrum site. While you are there also pick up the new sound file (English V1_07).

    The 2 new Spoken Flight Modes that just came out that I'll use on my DX6 are "Photo Mode" and "Stagility". Note they are not "AP Mode" and "Stagility Mode" as we might have expected. Also, changing these voice commands in the Spoken Flight Mode setup will corrupt the sounds for the 2nd switch "G" in the 5 mode model configurations because the original .spm file was created on a DX9. If you have a DX9 with the new voice commands (English) loaded and want to import and patch my 2 Stagility files for me please eMail me.



    " Have you ever wanted to be able to flip the 350 QX but were worried you would over or under input?    Or have you wanted Agility to fly like Agility but corrected like Stability when you needed it most? "              - indoorheli    01/23/2014

    Then you want Stagility mode. This flies like Agility but if the right stick is centered automatically reverts to Stability. Here is the best description of how to flip or roll that I've found. LINK

    If you fly the 350 QX firmware V2.0 with the DX6, DX9, or DX18 I strongly suggest you get the Stagility .SPM configuration file. A member of HeliFreak.com, indoorheli did a great job with the programming. Download Other configuration .spm files are available in the full Stagility forum thread here. LINK

    ----- 5 Flight Modes -----

    Switch "B"
    0 = Smart
    1 = AP (Aerial Photography)
    2 = Stability

    Switch "G"
    0 = Off
    1 = Stagility
    2 = Agility

    Modes are locked so stagility and agility will only turn on if stability mode is on (ie: B = 2).

    ----- Other Switches -----

    Bind "I" button
    0 = Initialize/Start (props)
    1 = Throttle Cut

    "H" Switch
    0 = Manual
    1 = Return to Home (RTH)

    "F" Switch
    0 = Low Rates
    1 = Mid Rates



    I have made just a few small tweaks to the Stagility setup.

    I changed the master volume up to 90%.

    Changed the backlight to 10 seconds and 50%.

    D/R & Expo
        Low from 70%/10% to 70%/20%
        Mid from 85%/15% to 100%/20%

    And in the Timer area the main countdown timer to 10 minutes.
        Select NEXT
        Every Minute (Down): Voice
        1 Minute: Voice
        30 Second: Voice
        10sec to 1 sec: Inh
        Expiration: Tone
        Every Minute (Up): Voice
        Select NEXT
        Timer Start: Voice
        Timer Stop: Voice
        Timer Reset: Voice

    Be sure to verify functionality before flight.   



    New for the firmware V3.0 setup is this TX configuration. It was created by rtscyoung and users woodbine-rc and flightengr on HeliFreaks.com have worked out the DX9 programming. Stagility is also supported.

    Read the instructions HERE This is an excellent tutorial on how to program your radio. Note firmware V3.0 does not require the 350 QX3 see the Evolution for details.

    Get the radio .spm file HERE
    Watch the You
    video VIDEO
    Follow the discussion LINK and get the best QX3 or V3.0 setup from flightengr HERE

    Note firmware V3.0 does not require the 350 QX3 see the Evolution page for details.



    gayjuanbarty of HeliFreaks forums posted these .SPM files from his DX6 for the 350 QX3.

    350 QX3 Adjustable Stagility Mix

    The 1st post is here LINK and more here LINK

    I have attached 2 .spm files I created with 5-point curves. The file labeled "Stagility 50" is the file with all AIL/ELE transition points at about 51%. The other file is a modified file so the up ELE transition point is at about 80%, since I rarely perform front flips and want more stability forward flight. By comparing the two setups you will be able to see how the setup works and was created. The key is to create the 2 extra points at the stick travel position you want and then adjust the values from there. The files have the following switch assignments:

    • A=Aux 1
    • B=flight modes
    • C=Stagility mix on/off
    • D=Throttle curves
    • F=Throttle cut
    • G=Expo

    If it works for you, let me know.

    Files: 350 QX3 Stagility 50     350 QX3 Stagility 80E




    One of the areas that I want to get into in this hobby is First Person Video (FPV). FPV is where you fly by looking through the onboard camera for your perspective. The 350 QX with the Mobius camera is a good starting point. But first I need to become a better pilot. So maybe this will be my goal for next flying season. Also, it might be good to drag my feet on this now and see what the FAA and AMA work out on new regulations. I know that if I want to go with much power (200mW/600mW) from the video transmitter that I'll need to get a HAM license. Good introduction here and a link to a sample test LINK or LINK. Sounds like a good thing to look at over the winter. Here are some additional resources for the HAM test LINK, LINK, LINK, or LINK. In the mean while here is a good page to get more details "FPV RC Made Easy". LINK To get a good introduction to FPV watch the series (13) IBCrazy You
    videos. LINK IBCrazy is the maker of some of the best antennas called BluBeam.

    Here is an article that explains the setup using a Mobius camera on the 350 QX. LINK and another here LINK.

    Here are a couple of sites that are popular for their FPV gear.
    And a new one FPVbattles.com

    I have some vision problems so I'll have to figure out if I want to go with goggles or a flat panel. I know of diopters that go into the goggles but have not tried them yet. If you have dealt with this issue drop me a note. I would love to hear from you. eMail.

    Mobius ActionCam FPV Docking Station with Mini Video Transmitter 5.8GHz 32ch 200mW LINK - Now if this was 600mW and had a better antenna it would be perfect. 4_Props


    Flight Simulator:


    I found that V5 of the Phoenix Flight Sim LINK had the 350 QX and was available very inexpensively in this package LINK. The package contains other flight simulators but I only installed the Phoenix program. One of the first things you find on the CD is that much of the docs are in Chinese. This was the case regarding the USB dongle used in the TX buddy box connection to your PC. This small plug has a switch that must allow it to be used for different programs or computer systems. By trial and error I found that having it set to the furthest position from the USB plug end worked on my Windows PC. When I installed Phoenix it auto-updated from v5.0.b to v5.0.r and this upgrade included some improvements in how the QX flew. The first time the program starts up it will run a wizard to setup your radio. So having my DX6 plugged in. The initial calibrations were basic and quickly done.

    Flying this virtual QX with my DX6 while sitting at my desk is cool. There are a good number of "locations" to fly from with some set in winter. One is even inside a gym. The simulated flight of the QX is OK but lacks the real "feel" of the quad. The throttle is much like how AP mode works and the virtual model seemed to climb slower than the real QX. The rudder seemed loose as the model turned in flight more than my QX does. Now having said all of that I haven't read the manual on this program and have only quickly looked at the adjustments that can be made to the model. I do see where a setup can be made for different flight modes but when I use this switch I'm not seeing any difference in the flight characteristics. Tip: To enable the FPV view you must use one of the 3D locations. A feature that I hope to use with a buddy is to join the programs over the internet and fly together. I have a very good 24" HD flat monitor and I jacked the video quality all the way up in the setup. Following the QX and maintaining orientation is very life like, difficult at distance.

    I'm just getting my feet wet with this program and will update this section in time.

    I have a very noticeable left drift in the virtual 350 QX when flying in the simulator. I have calibrated the sticks in the software. I have also done the stick calibration on my DX6. What is really bothering me is that this is very much like how my real QX flies when not being locked into the GPS column. Last summer I tried unsuccessfully to calibrate the QX accelerometer thinking this was the cause of the left drift. Now I'm starting to think it's the TX. Let me hear what you think eMail.

    If you want to try a fligh sim. on your tablet or phone look here. You

    4/17/2015 I just updated my Phoenix Flight Sim. to V5.0-w and can fly my QX OK. The FPV flight doesn't seem right but I haven't looked to find out why yet. I did have to go into the model menu and edit the QX Electronics then GPS and uncheck the Altitude relativity box to get the throttle to seem right. Just be careful and remember to create a restore point before running the "w" update. Also, I should note that the drifting to the left I was experiencing seems to be corrected. I'm holding a steady hover in place now.

    Tip: When configured for the DX6 I found that the '5' key on the PC keyboard would switch between Smart and Agile modes. Agile mode is like Stagility in that it's easy to do flips and then the right stick is centered it self levels. I also found that the '3' key puts the QX into Stunt mode. This is wild, the throttle is so high that I could not bring the QX down.
    Having said all that I changed my radio to the DX8 and found that the 'D' switch toggled the flight modes. However the '1' or middle position of the 3-way switch isn't right. Or on the DX6 go into Your Controls and change the Retract Gear to Controller Channel 5 in the drop down.
    Last If I display the TX on screen it shows the left throttle stick reversed. So there are quite a number of bugs to be resolved.

    Other Sims that work on Windows, Android, and more.

    Absolute RC Flight Simulator (ClearView) LINK

    FPV FreeRider Sim. LINK

    HOTPROPS open beta now available! LINK

    Rotorcross Sim. LINK

    Liftoff on Steam LINK

    R/C Desk Pilot (Quads ?) LINK Models LINK




      At less than 2 inches and under half an ounce the Proto-X is the world's smallest quadcopter. LINK OK, so it says on the box "Easy to fly!" and the guy at the LHS sure demoed it nice but I'm finding it somewhat difficult to control. Perhaps I need to put it on a smooth hard floor and adjust the trims. What I am finding is that I have to be lighter on the sticks. Right now with just a few flights I'm finding that the props come off way to easy. Seems every flight, because they all end in a crash, I'm losing a prop or two. This then takes some time as findig these tiny parts can be a challenge. I'm also finding that flight times are maybe -5 minutes where charge times +15 minutes. This ratio is surely a downer to the fun that can be had. One thing that seems wrong is that the on/off switch on the controller is setup backwards. Off=right On=left

    Well I have to find a prop. I'll report more on this quad later.

    OK, after figuring out how to reset the calibrations (it's in the instructions) flying this thing is getting more normal. With a little practice I should be able to hold a hover. I really need to find a larger room to fly in.

    This little quad is harder to fly that first thought. If you want a beginners quad I highly recommend the Syma X1 if you can still find it. This was my 1st quadcopter.

    Tip: Check out the "Gear" section above as I've added prop. guards to the Proto-X.

    I found this video of the Proto-X on You

    5/16/15 My battery on the Proto-X is already failing. I haven't flown this little guy much and now flight time is very short. Well I just ordered one of these LINK. Shipping from China is very slow so it will be a while before I can post a review.

    Conclusion: Well after having the Proto-X for some time now I've decided that it doesn't pass the test. Fun $$$    The little quad is expensive after adding prop guards and replacing the LiPo. The flight times are just to short as I spend more time charging than flying. And with the props popping off almost every flight no way can I try it outside where I would surely lose one. So unless you just want to own a tiny quad skip this little multirotor and get something more enjoyable to fly.


    H8 mini:


    OK, I just got my H8 mini from Banggood.com. This little guy is being called "The Cheapest Quadcopter": and at $13.99 (China warehouse price) I can't disagree. Actually it was the price that got me to get it. It was a no brainer spur of the moment purchase. I got the Black version that has green color in the top and a black controller. This H8 is about twice the size of my Proto-X, both the quad and the game type controller. I found these forums for the H8 mini LINK, LINK and LINK This small quad comes with prop guards something I had to add my Proto-X which cost almost three times as much.

    First the bad news, the quality control on this is not the best. One of the red lights in the arm is out and there is no light in the USB charger working to help indicate the charge status. I have emailed Banggood about this and expect they'll they to make things good. Second the small sheet of instructions are in both English and Chinese, well sort of English as they are quite confusing. Third are the small foam bumpers that go on the bottom of the motors. These fit well but the glue isn't holding them on very well. Now I find the USB charger isn't working. The contacts in the USB plug are not making contact with the pins in any of my PCs USB ports. So I just cut the USB plug end off and put on a JST plug. Now I can charge with my old Syma X1 USB charger. Banggood.com customer service came through on my issue with the red light being out and the bad charger and I should be good to fly soon.

    I've only had a chance to fly it for a couple of minutes in a small room (don't ask, long story) but when powering up the props it is very noticeable that this H8 mini has some power. The nice hum from the props lets you know right away this quad is going to fly. And did I say the props are well connected to their shafts so they should stay on unlike the ones on the Proto-X that keep falling off. Well as with many quads the lights seem to be backwards, red is the front and the blue rear. I have to guess that red up front are a warning "Danger Will Robinson" . The H8 mini hovers very steady. I had no problem with holding it just inches off the floor. Moving around the room it followed my stick inputs well. I then realized it was in a more aggressive flight mode and turned it down as this was my first flight in quite a small room. I was not able to test the flip or RTH tricks as I'll need to fly outside for that and today is very windy.

    8/8/15 Eachine H8 3D Mini 2.4G 4CH 6Axis Inverted Flight One Key Return RC Quadcopter RTF $21 LINK

    My initial impressions are quite positive. If I can get the minor paralysis in my right hand repaired I'll give this little guy a good workout in the air. Until then watch this video (not me flying) of the H8 mini.

    JJ R/C - H8 Mini - Review and Flight LINK You




    If you also enjoy radio controller (RC) flying look for me on the forums at RCgroups.com and HeliFreak.com.    I go by " 4_Props ".    

    Lon.TV Drones LINK Not a forum but a good Quad review site.


    Talk to me with your comments, suggestions, questions, answers, broken links.

    If you fly a 350 QX in the Oswego County, NY U.S.A. area contact me and we'll hook up and fly together.


    Email me at:

      @   twcny   .RR.   com

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